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Seaview Primary School, Glenarm

Future Friday 1

2nd Oct 2021

Seaview IPS is an invitational and inclusive school and to further foster our integrated ethos we have devised a new project…


Every Friday until Christmas our school will have a surprise visitor that will showcase their career! We want our pupils to experience all kinds of jobs, roles and careers. We want to broaden the horizons of our pupils, raise aspirations and show the vast range of possibilities open to them. We want to challenge gender stereotyping about jobs and school subjects.

First up was the Police Service of Northern Ireland. Two wonderful police officers explained to us about their jobs and let us have a look at their police car. They even arrested Mr Corr! They also explained how to verify that someone is an official officer and how to be safe.

Every class then engaged in a different activity-

P1 & 2- dressed up as officers and were dishing out speeding tickets even Mr Corr’s car got one!

P3- looked at fingerprints and evidence.

P4 & 5- learned all about the NATO phonetical alphabet for spelling. We designed codes for our friends to crack!

P6 & 7- discussed facial recognition and had to name their classmates just by looking at a photograph of their eyes.

Thanks again to Police Mid & East Antrim.

Watch out to see what we have in store next Friday!

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