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Seaview Primary School, Glenarm

School Vision and Values

Mission Statement: To inspire everyone in our school family to LEAD: Learn Explore Achieve Dream.

Vision: At Seaview IPS, we support and inspire every child to L.E.A.D in order to reach their full potential; to enjoy and be active in their learning, to feel confident and secure to be themselves while celebrating each other.

Values: At Seaview IPS, we LEAD in:

Respect (September)

Integration (October)

Kindness (November)

Effort (January)

Friendship (February)

Sharing & Teamwork (March)

Curiosity & Adventure (May)


  1. To develop a thriving Integrated environment facilitating opportunities for children from different religious, cultural and social backgrounds to be educated together in an atmosphere where they are all equally valued.
  2. To foster a safe, happy, nurturing environment where children can reach their full potential.
  3. To instil a thirst for learning and encourage ambition and confidence in all pupils to take on new challenges.
  4. To deliver high quality teaching and learning including extensive and immersive outdoor learning opportunities.
  5. To commit as a staff to avail of Continuous Professional Development opportunities for the benefit of all pupils.
  6. To promote community engagement within Glenarm and surrounding areas ensuring the pupils are active in contributing to society, particularly regarding environmental responsibilities as we are a Green Flag School.
  7. To create a warm, welcoming atmosphere where parents/carers are active participants in school life and their children’s learning.
  8. To ensure all pupils have a sense of belonging and feel part of the school community as a whole.
  9. To enrich our after school curriculum by including a wide range of sports, the Arts and ICT.
  10. To nurture a child centred education where positive mental health and wellbeing is prioritised.
  11. To provide a caring ethos which will foster a greater understanding and respect for the different traditions in the community, whilst at the same time encouraging the child to explore and value his or her own beliefs and traditions.