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Seaview Primary School, Glenarm




Our policies enable us to deliver our vision. These come under two distinct headings:-

- Pastoral Care and Ethos

- Curriculum and Assessment

Here is a selection of the Policies we have.

Pastoral Care and Ethos Policies

  • Pastoral Care Policy
  • Safeguarding Children Policy
  • Special Educational Needs Policy
  • Positive Behaviour Policy
  • Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • First Aid policy
  • Healthy Break Policy
  • Critical Incident Policy
  • Internet and ICT Systems Acceptable Use Policy
  • PDMU Policy
  • Use of Physical Restraint and Safe Touch Policy
  • Anti-Drugs Policy
  • Complaints Procedure Policy
  • A Whistle-Blowing Policy
  • A Code of Conduct


Curriculum and Assessment

  • Literacy and Numeracy Policy
  • ICT Policy
  • Assessment Policy
  • Shared Education Policy
  • Learning and Teaching Policy
  • Reading Policy
  • World Around Us Policy
  • Play and Active Based Learning Policy
  • Marking Policy
  • PE Policy

Please contact the school to receive a copy of the policy you require.