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7th May 2020

Department of Education Literacy Guides.

P.7 Transition Advice


Home learning


Primary 1 have been learning their first 6 sounds: SATPIN and they have been beginning to blend and decode words  using these letters. Primary 2 have been recapping on these sounds also. Here are some links to help with SATPIN practice. (Remember to choose set 1) (Choose SATPIN option) (Choose initial sounds game level 1)



Home learning


Primary 1: Environmental Sounds

Play listening games based on sound discrimination, intended for P.1 to encourage listening skills:

Here are some lovely podcasts to encourage listening skills:


Primary 2: SATPIN revision


P.1 & 2 here is a link to some fun counting games. P.1 please choose up to 10 and P.2 up to 20!


Monday 15th May 2017

Primary 1: In phonics this week we are now revising SATPIN sounds and CVC words.

Primary 2: In phonics this week we are learning 'ew' and 'ue'. Choose long vowel phonemes.

Primary 1: Numeracy- Revision of numbers 1-10 - lots of fun games and activities

Primary 2: Numeracy- Revision of tens and units - lots of fun games and activities



Home learning


This incoming week in P.1 the children will be learning the 'qu' sound. Here are some useful links...



P.2 are learning two sounds this week: ir and aw. Here are some online learning links... In this game please choose 'Phase 5' Choose either ir or aw.




Home Learning Links

At Seaview Primary School, we are always delighted to work with parents in order to provide support and information designed to help you further your child’s learning at home! We are also delighted to present the following links to some key websites, which all provide useful platforms from which to enhance the learning that your child undertakes at our school.  We hope you find these useful and enjoy using them with your child – just click on the names of the sites to go straight through to them!