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Seaview Primary School, Glenarm



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The finished Eco-Code

Look after the world

and the world will look after you.

Let's make a start at Seaview!


The grass is green

The sky is blue

Let's make it grow at Seaview!

Working together to create our Eco-Code!

Darach's Eco-code poem

Look after the world

and the world will look after you.

Let's make a start at Seaview!


Leanne's Eco-Council song

Eco council here to make the environment better

We can recycle anything...

We're here now to get the green flag

Now our school is the best school in the world..... YEAH!

Eco Poem by Leanne and Anna

We are here to help

Everyone is connected

Let's get a green flag

For our school elected

We will work hard

To make the world a better place.


Eco-schools Action Plan

At our next meeting the children decided upon an action plan. Minutes were taken by Darach Bradley.


Topic  Action  Target/ Measure   Deadline
  1. Plant plants
  2. Bug Hotel
  3. Bird boxes

 Take photographs before and after

Use tally charts to count species of animals.

 Healthy Eating

Make a chart to note down all healthy snacks and meals in school.

 Create a laminated tick box and write totals everyday.

We are aiming for 80% with healthy food.


Then ongoing

  1. Use compost bins
  2. Reduce plastic bottles

 All possible foods in compost bins. Create charts and posters

to help everyone know what to put in.

80% have a reusable bottle.




Full environmental review

On the 20th of September 2016 the Eco-council held their a meeting to conduct a 'Full Environmental Review'. The children decided upon areas in the school which need improving. The minutes were taken by Darach Bradley.

  • Use both sides of the paper when printing
  • Flower beds are full of nettles and the wood is broken so need replaced
  • Fix the existing bird feeder and make more.
  • Make a bug hotel
  • Add compost bins.
  • Plant vegetables.
  • Make a wormery
  • Reduce the amount of disposable plastic bottles
  • Promote healthy eating in the school.

Meet our Eco-Councillors!

Eco-Council 2016/17